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John Ferguson - Producer
John Ferguson lives in Houston, Texas and Bangkok, Thailand where he carries out his dual roles as pianist and Executive Director of American Voices Foundation. Every year, John performs over one hundred concerts, broadcasts and master-classes throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. His recordings include 'Rhapsody in Blue' with the Junge Philharmonie Thüringen and 'Saxofolies' for EPM. As Director of the 2008 Unity Academy in Iraqi Kurdistan, Mr Ferguson graciously opened the academy to the documentary team, giving filmmaker Ryan White unlimited and transparent access to the teachers, student body, and academy locations for the entire duration of the event.

Paul Lee - Co-producer
Paul Lee graduated from the University of Toronto with Hon.B.Sc. (biology/anthropology/Latin American Studies) and M.A. (anthropology) and Ph.D. (education), and from York University with M.B.A. (arts & media administration) and M.F.A. (film). As a film producer, Paul specializes in producing films for first-time filmmakers, and in producing international co-productions, women's films, Asian films, human rights/social justice educational films, and LGBT films. Paul has produced, co-produced, and associate-produced over 30 films, including San Francisco filmmaker Jenni Olson’s Berlin-premiered BLUE DIARY and Sundance-premiered THE JOY OF LIFE, and the Berlin-premiered BELOW THE BELT by Toronto filmmakers Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert. Since 1991 Paul has organized, programmed, and curated film festivals in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Mauritius, Iran, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines. In 1994 Paul made his own first short film THICK LIPS THIN LIPS, which has won 9 awards, and was screened at over 240 film festivals worldwide, after its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1995 he made his second film THESE SHOES WEREN’T MADE FOR WALKING, which has won 6 awards, and was screened at over 90 film festivals worldwide, after its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival (and the film is used in the Women's Studies curriculum in more than 30 universities and colleges across Canada, the U.S., Polynesia, and the Caribbean). In 1999 he made his third film THE OFFERING, which has won 71 awards to date, and was screened at over 490 film festivals worldwide, after its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. When not making his own films or producing films for other independent filmmakers, Paul takes care of International Marketing for the Cinema Development Fund in Kyrgyzstan, and for the Swedish film distributor Glimz AB.

Joanne Storkan - Executive Producer
A former journalism and English teacher, Joanne Storkan formed HONEST ENGINE FILMS in 2004 with her business partner, Madeline DiMaggio. Since then, Brendan Maze has joined the company. Besides SURVIVNG EDEN (which was based on a film she had written in 2002), Honest Engine Films co-produced a documentary in 2006 on the game of lacrosse, entitled STIR IT UP. She is also the executive producer of HUMBLE BEAUTY, a film about homeless artists in Los Angeles, released in 2008. In 2009, she and Honest Engine co-produced a documentary entitled, MONA LISA REVEALED, about a French engineer who developed a camera that has been able to photograph every brush stroke of the Mona Lisa, thereby revealing many secrets of the famous painting.  The company is presently co-producing a documentary entitled MIRACLE ON 42ND STREET, about the Manhattan Plaza apartments in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, to be released in 2010. Joanne is also a screenwriter and lives in northern California.

Madeline DiMaggio - Executive Producer
Writer/producer Madeline DiMaggio worked as a creative consultant and story editor to Paramount Studios and has written over 40 hours of produced film in: prime-time television, cable, and movies. She co-wrote the M.O.W. ALIBI, starring Tori Spelling, and the feature film IF THE SHOE FITS starring Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey.  Her book to film feature, CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY, with co-writer Pamela Wallace (Witness) was developed and sold to Ben Myron Productions, and the screenplay MURDER WITH PRIVILEGE, a true crime, to Showtime. DiMaggio currently has 3 film scripts under option. Her books include How to Write for Television for Simon and Shuster (second edition December 2008) and The Everything Screenwriting Book for Adams Media.